Unemployment: bridging financial bottlenecks with a loan

Unemployed loans are a problem for many banks. The social network in Germany has become thin. Unemployment benefit I is usually only available for one, a maximum of two years. Then only the basic security is paid, the essentials to life. The repayment of a loan can scarcely save anyone.

Credit institutes register increasing risks of unemployment risks – the money lent out no longer flows back. Although you can at least insure against unemployment for a certain period of time, but of course that’s not possible if you are already unemployed and then need fresh capital to fill in gaps in the budget.

Be careful with payment and credit card

Be careful with payment and credit card

The dilemma is obvious: as long as a good and secure income is available, lending is no problem. But just when income fails, the banks turn on the money. They do this primarily in their own interest, but also to protect the applicant. If he has no clear and realistic idea of ​​how the repayment of the loan should take place, over-indebtedness threatens.

If only the lower unemployment benefit comes in instead of the salary, iron cost discipline is required from the very first moment. It does not do anything to stay afloat for a while with a credit card or the credit limit on the current account. Here, creeping debt is built up, whose repayment becomes more difficult the longer unemployment lasts.

Installment loan with manageable monthly load

Installment loan with manageable monthly load

Despite all discipline, bottlenecks can arise in the event of unexpected unemployment, because contractual obligations can not be resolved quickly enough or one-time costs are incurred, for example, when moving to a new place of work. Better than the uncontrolled exhausting of the limits of credit card and account is a installment loan. By having a sufficiently long running time, the monthly costs can be reduced to such an extent that they do not become an additional problem. Already with 30 USD per month, a credit of 1,000 USD can be paid off with a three-year term.

From an unfinished employment relationship, one would find such a loan easiest on one of the major comparison portals on the Internet. Here is also an overview of the best conditions. The catch on the matter: Loans for the unemployed are because of the simplified credit check here usually not in it. If you can not continue talking to your bank, you can call in a specialized credit intermediary.

There are many serious offers – but they are chargeable. Make sure that you only have to pay for a placement success. A good alternative is to borrow privately, which you get on the Internet on relevant platforms. Personal loans are not a service of friendship, but business. The interest rates are correspondingly high. Their advantage is the more flexible allocation compared to the banking system, in which unemployed people also have a real chance.

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